Creepy New FamilySearch Photo

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Some time ago now, the people at FamilySearch replaced some photos on the site to make it more non-mormon friendly.  That included the removal of President Monson’s photo from the log-in page, and the removal of a photo of the Salt Lake Temple on the home page, after log in.  In place of the temple photo, this generic family photo appeared:


“Awww, how cute,” you might say, but have you really taken a close look at this photo?  Yes, the pose is odd. Why is the mother staring at the youngest child?  It appears obvious that he’s mom’s favorite, and the two boys on the right are looking at their mother, longing for her approval and attention. 

But here comes the creepy part, and it took me a long time to notice it.  I mean, I’m a professional genealogist, and I’m on New FamilySearch every day.  So for several months I quickly bypassed this photo and went to the search tab.  Then one day, while NFS was stuck loading the page, I saw him.  The middle child.  Not paying any attention to mother, or little brother, but staring…right…at…me.  Yikes! Kinda creeped me out, and now I can hardly log in to NFS without noticing it. 

His look is so haunting, it makes me kind of wonder if the family got the photo back from the studio and exclaimed, “That’s Billy!  He’s been dead for two years, but he showed up in the photograph! Ahhhh!!!”  Or maybe he was a prankster, or just wanted to ruin the happy family photo because mom got mad at him earlier that day.  I don’t know what the real story is, and I’m assuming he’s just some random ancestor of a graphic designer at FamilySearch, but I’m hoping they’ll find a new photo soon, or else I’m going to have to submit my own family photo for a replacement, one that’s a little more normal.

Yeah, that one will work.

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