Research Services

Shoebox Genealogy, for all its creative and technological expertise, is first and foremost a research company.  We provide professional research services of the highest caliber, and at a very low price.

Our staff researchers and extended network of US and international researchers share several hundred years of combined experience!  We’ve worked with some of the world’s most prominent CEOs, religious leaders, and actors and entertainers.  But we’ve also worked with plenty of normal folks who have exactly the same questions and needs as you do.

No matter how large or small, simple or difficult, Shoebox Genealogy has the experience and resources to complete your research goals quickly and efficiently.

Research at the Family History Library

Shoebox Genealogy is based in Salt Lake City, near the Family History Library – the largest repository of genealogical records in the world. While plans are underway to digitize the millions of rolls of microfilm stored there, estimates put its completion and implementation 10-20 years in the future.  We have daily physical access to these records, and are able to search the records quickly and accurately.  Why wait 20 years to search for your ancestors? In just a few minutes, we can find the document you’re looking for and get you the information you need.

Our local researchers are experienced in the history, culture, languages and records of North America, the British Isles, Scandinavia, Western and Eastern Europe, and more. If you can’t read Dutch, German, Portuguese, or Swedish records (to name a few…), let us do the research in a fraction of the time.

Research in Online Records

We also have access to the best digital archives and Internet sources available. Our technologically-savvy researchers are light years ahead of other research companies, which means you get better research faster, and for less money.

Research On-Location

When the records are not held at the Family History Library, we utilize our world-wide network of researchers in order to search the records on location. While millions of records are held in Salt Lake City, most records are still only available at the parishes, government offices, and libraries where they originated.  Save yourself the cost of the plane ticket, and let our researchers search the records for you.

30 Years of Compiled Research

In addition, our partnership with Universal Genealogy Center means that you benefit from over 30 years of professional research in a database containing millions of families. Chances are, part of your ancestry is already in our database.  Access to the Universal Genealogy Center database means that you won’t be duplicating research efforts, and any research performed in the past on your ancestry is available to you as part of your research project.  Universal’s system also prints the best looking family group sheets and pedigree charts on the market, a feature you enjoy at no extra cost!

Contact us today to see how we can help you find those long lost ancestors!