Shoebox Genealogy prides itself on being able to provide any family history service you can imagine.

Endless Possibilities

In the past we’ve built family websites, performed personal history interviews, designed and printed charts and diagrams, converted audio and video to digital formats, performed small and large photo scanning projects, restored and retouched old photos, and much more.  In general however, our most popular services fall into three categories: Genealogical Research, Family History Publishing, and LDS Ordinance Services.

But don’t let that limit you!  If you’re looking for someone to help you with a project that’s been sitting in the back of your mind for awhile, but haven’t found anyone that can help, you’re in luck! With years of genealogical experience, the latest technology, and a passion for making our clients happy, we haven’t found an idea yet that we couldn’t bring to life!

For more information about our most popular services, visit these pages:

Research Services

Family History Publishing

LDS Ordinance Services

If you have an idea that you haven’t seen listed here, and would like more information about how we can help you reach your goals, please send us a note or give us a call and we’d be happy to give you a free consultation.

In-Home Consultation

For most clients throughout Northern Utah and Idaho, we’re happy to provide an in-home consultation at no charge.  We’ll go over your materials and what you’re looking for, discuss the possibilities and costs, and begin right away.  We can scan original documents at your home, or take them back to our offices and return them when we’re done.  While we feel that in-home consultations provide the greatest level of service, we can also chat on the phone, or correspond through e-mail.  We’ll accomodate whatever method you’re most comfortable with.

Project Cost

Each project is different and the costs will vary, but we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality solutions for the lowest cost. Our projects are billed at an hourly rate, and we work to a pre-determined budget, so you never have to encounter unexpected costs at the project’s end.  At the end of our project, we’ll give you a detailed account of the project’s results and how your budget was spent.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Now of course there are research objectives that just can’t be met with the currently available records, and some ideas may be cost prohibitive for some individuals, but we try our very best to make sure you understand what can be done, what it will require, and are satisfied with the results. We’ve never had an unhappy customer, but if you have questions or concerns about your project, we’ll keep working on it until you’re satisfied – guaranteed.